Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 2- June 19 - Munich

Here we are again at the close of day 2 in beautiful Munich - we have a few tales to tell from today - a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all!
 After a wonderful breakfast we started the day with a trip and tour of the BMW Museum - it's the international site for the world (3 series) - what an amazing experience  !!!!!
Then it was off to the outstanding Palace and Park of Nymphenbyrg where we were delighted to hear interesting historical facts about the German monarchy - the Palace and park grounds were large enough to fit 30 soccer fields!!!

Then we completed about two hours of walking tours - learning alot! And off to City Centre again to do whatever our hearts desired - and lots of happy times were had :)
Supper at 6:30 was at the historical Ratskeller in Marienplatz - what a TIME!!! We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries - there was dancing and laughter from everyone! We were entertained by a musical duo (an accordion and guitar). The meal was excellent and we WOWED the other guests and staff with our rendition of "Singing in the Rain" followed by wild applause. We even had one of our choir members receive the attention of a lovely gentleman - h'mmmmmmm. On our way back to the bus, in the rain, and . . . you guessed - our first flash mob "Singing in the Rain". Again the applause was tremendous and there were even hugs and kisses from the street audience. There was a very touching moment when one of the audience connected with a choir member, which resulted in a prolonged hug. Back to the hotel - another full day. Off for drinks now - more later.


  1. Guten tag from Doreen's sister. It is good to hear you arrived safely and by the sounds of it the fun has already started. This posting thing is new to me so I'm not sure if this will reach you. Stay safe and well. Love to Doreen and all of the girls.
    Hugs and kisses, Bonnie Stone

  2. Hi Ladies,

    So happy to get an update from you.....I am so with you in Spirit! Continue to keep the news coming and pictures.....except the sheep one!!! Heee!!

    I was so proud of you all at the St.Teresa's concert, I felt like a mother with 53 Children just bursting with glee and pride. The outfits looked great, we are so blessed to have you there representing not only our Country but our province!

    I love you all....Have fun.....Be safe!
    Anne Marie...Jr
    Ps Ron is jealous that he is not there singing with you......hint...hint...Valerie