Saturday, 23 June 2012

Friday, June 22 - Val Pusteria

Today was our busiest day since arrival - we had three singing gigs! The last one was at Midnight....phewwwwww! What a day!

We considered stopping our blogging here as we're are soooooooo exhausted however.....we know you are eagerly awaiting our tales - so here we go........

Today we participated in three performances; we sang with 11 choirs in the morning, including Russia, Italy, South Africa, as well as 5 Italian and 3 choirs from Israel. The evening concert included HHM Alumnae choir plus 3 others, including  2 Italian and one choir from Israel. We rushed by bus from our evening concert to our midnight gig at the choir festival at Piazza Von Kurz in Villabassa where choirs performed one piece each throughout the entire evening. At the midnight gig we sang an exuberant rendition of Singing in the Rain.....using our Canada umbrellas......once again the crowd was WOWed and even called for an encore (which we weren't allowed to deliver due to time restraint :)

That's it for the singing aspect of today - now - back at the hotel for the afternoon we finally had some relaxation time. Many tracks were made to the local (small) supermarket where they sell food, wine, beer...........did I mention wine?........And did I mention that Pinot Grigio is the local specialty???? Well........we have depleted their supply of Pinot Grigio!

Really......the afternoon was fabulous - the weather is spectacular, the location is exquisite and the villa has charm galore.....what more could we ask for.......FABULOUS time!

We'll be back to tell you about tomorrow.......soon......bye for now!


  1. I am enjoying reading all about your lovely adventures so very much, i smile with each new post!! Soo proud of you all, keep it up, can't wait to see some pictures!! Sing your hearts out ladies!!

    ( Bonnie C's sister )

  2. Thanks for the is so nice to be following what's happening......You're doing a great service to the local stores :) NLC is loosing big time!

    Love you all....We are rootin' for you here on the Rock! So proud of you alll!

    Anne Marie Jr

  3. So great to hear all is well - I am sure you are a "good tired"......take lots of pix, can't wAit to see all with you!

  4. Boungiorno ladies and my sweet sister Doreen,

    Isn't technology wonderful. I am following you on your fabulous tour from across the "Pond". The only differance is you all are having such a wonderful time and I am so wishing I was with you. Keep the pics and updates coming.Looking forward to hearing about the concerts.
    Sing your "Holy Hearts" out and continue having a safe and fun filled time,

    Bonnie S