Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday - June 24, 2012

Today was our time to bid farewell to the Val Pusteria area where we participated in the Festa dell'Arrivederci" (closing ceremonies) for the Val Pusteria International Choir Festival in Sesto or Sexton (depending on if you speak Italian or German).  Today the over 3200 participants watched proudly as our choir directors and leaders accepted our choir Certificates of Participation. Emotions and spirits were high!

Once again the atmosphere was filled with joy and celebration as the choirs said their good-byes to new found friends. Several choirs performed for the emotional choristers and the finale performance included all 3200 voices singing Signore della cime - a beloved Italian song. What an amazing song......what an amazing experience!
San Candido Good Luck Coin
During the closing celebration one of our choir members was approached by a Director of an Italian choir to share her thoughts of the festival throughout the week. With both of her arms held high, she drew a large circle in the air and said: "Here....only love ...only peace...." So very true! <3

Another highlight of the day was when Hannah, an organizer from San Candido approached a choir member, she held a bag filled with sparkling gold coins. Hannah explained that the Canadian choir had been so kind and generous throughout the week, that the village of San Candido would like every choir member to have a token from the village which represents a wish for good luck! It has a 4 leaf clover on one side and the village symbol on the other - we now each have one to cherish - another fond memory :)

Following the closing, we boarded our bus and we were off to Innsbruck, Austria.....nestled in the heart of the Alps to begin another chapter of the journey.

After arriving and getting settled in at another Fabulous hotel, we gathered for another wonderful meal and then about half of our choir members attended a German mass celebration in an amazing cathedral just across the street. The German priest was very welcoming and was delighted to allow the choir members to sing at the end of mass - the song chosen was May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you........beautiful!


  1. Hi ladies , It's so good to hear about your fun filled and successful first part of your journey. Not a bit surprized to hear about the accolades and gifts. By the sound of this fabulous and newsy blog you deserve all.
    Take care and enjoy the remained of the tour.
    Love to Doreen and all the girls. Bonnie S.

  2. I amnot having much luck getting thisblog going. You sound like you are having a ball. not suprised you ara a hit .I am sure sound great as usual. love you all Pat Fleming

  3. Wow...Wow...and Wow!!!!
    What an amazing trip for you guys so far and I am sure it will continue. In reading your updates I can feel the excitement; it must be such an awesome experience. You are truly ambassadors for our province and country; Hannah was so right in talking about your kindness and generosity and recognizing you with those Good Luck tokens. There is nothing like music to bring joy into a person's life and to be able to perform and touch so many people is a blessing.
    A big Hi to Anne Marie F., Marie D., Bonnie C., Sandy N., Valerie and all choir members. May God continue to bless you and watch over you throughout the remainder of your journey.

  4. Hello Ladies,
    Greetings from Canmore AB. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogg & look forward to more of your adventures. The stories are amazing. I am a good friend of Arlene P & Helen H. Hi girls.have fun. Lots of love, Patti

  5. hey ladies...all sounds wonderful..just make sure you do a good "count" on the way home....Europe can be seductive:):) Have fun and continue to create beautiful memories for following you!

  6. Sounds like you are makins fans aall over Europ.No surprise Keeep blogs goins . Seems like we are there with you. Take care of each other.Love to all Pat