Friday, 22 June 2012

Wed, June 20th - Travel from Munich to Pusteria

Wednesday was a travel day; we drove from Munich, through the Brenner Pass and then through Austria to Northern Italy where we will sing in the Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival for the next 4 days.

We arrived at Hotel Frida at 3:30 pm- SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our choir "meet and greet" and a delicious 5 course dinner, we were off to the Opening Ceremony in Sala Mahler Concert Hall in Dobbiaco. There we heard 4 choirs and got a taste of the choral excellence and spirit awaiting us for the days ahead. Following the performances, the local volunteer fire department of Riscone performed an amazing water and light show - it was akin to synchronized hosing (pardon the terminology but we can't quite find the words!).

Our trusted buses await us at every destination - and at about midnight we returned through the narrow and winding streets of Northern Italy to our cosy mountain villa, where the staff were already sleeping; we have the key to let ourselves in :) Very home-like :)

It was another day filled with memories, and the tired Holy Heart singers were happy to sleep in our rooms nestled amid the Italian Alps.

Chat again soon!

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